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About Us

Mida Contracting Ltd has been assisting developers and construction contractors with maintenance of their sites in the Edmonton and surrounding areas since 2007. While currently servicing over 40 construction sites and communities we have been able to provide reliable and cost efficient maintenance programs for developers of new communities.

Over the years Mida has evolved to be able to provide developers with maintenance and clean up from the smallest single lot to entire community clean ups on a regular basis or before a grand opening event. Having the right equipment and crew to get the job down right and in a timely matter has allowed us to continue working with the same clients over the last 8 years.

Working in over 40 areas throughout Edmonton and area has allowed us to keep costs down for clients and be able to provide a last minute solution and a quick response to jobs that would otherwise go neglected or the main contractors would rather not spend the time doing. If there is a job that you might not be sure who would do or is time sensitive that might just be the perfect job for us.

Helping developers and project managers with maintaining their sites we have come to learn what most developers are looking for and have been able to free up time for them by not having to send out same emails over and over with no response and by keeping work environment clean has limited or eliminated complaint emails from residents or the cities. Thank you for considering Mida Contracting and if you feel our services can help you please contact us.