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Maintenance & Cleanup

Mida Contracting has been providing comprehensive clean-up services for developers in new construction neighborhoods in Edmonton and surrounding areas. This can range from a single empty lot to an entire quarter section that is just in the first stages of construction. We can take care of anything from the smallest paper garbage clean-up, to lots that have had concrete or dirt illegally dumped on site.

Mida also helps with maintenance of those pesky weeds that can overgrow on a subdivision once grading is complete. Have you ever been serviced a weed notice from City of Edmonton or County, or ever had a complaint from an existing resident? We can take care of those weed notices for you and make sure they are completed before the notice deadline.

Having a grand opening event anytime soon? Our clean-up services are perfect for anyone who is having a grand opening event for new show homes or neighborhood. Having a clean residential construction site shows existing residents and potential buyers that the developer cares about the quality of their subdivisions.